The state Rajasthan is known as the “state of Maharajas” and “the land of Rajputs”. Rajasthan has its own beauty and attractiveness. Rajasthan is famous for its colorful culture, rich flora and fauna along with the royal touch of Rajasthan. It is the most visited tourist destination all over the country. Rajasthan has a lot to offer in the way of tourism and culture. In a year, lakhs of the tourists get attracted to the immense beauty of the Rajasthan. As a result,  they come to visit from all around the globe. For making your plan worthwhile.

Therefore plan a vacation in the Sawai Madhopur city of this beautiful state. As we all know that Sawai Madhopur has a rich historical significance. Even more with a condiment of wildlife platter. So this is for the tourists who are wildlife devotee. Hence with the combination of an attraction of the natural beauty would be attracted to this beautiful designation.

In the Sawai Madhopur, there is a Ranthambore National Park in the city. As a result, which is known for its astound fullness of the wildlife. Hence apart from Ranthambore park in the Sawai Madhopur. Certainly, there has also a form which is known as Ranthambore Fort. For the reason that this is for is a personification of the magnificence and fearlessness. While there are many holy places in this city. As a result, which adds more attractiveness to visit over there. There has also the Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of National History which is the center of environmental education.

City of Tigers

In the ancient times, the city Sawai Madhopur was initially under the rule of Muslim Rulers. Aurangzeb is the last Muslim ruler of this city, after which it was taken over by the Maharaja of Jaipur. and later, it was constructed by the Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh, who is a ruler of Jaipur city. In 1763, when he coined the name after himself. The river Chambal bounds the city in the east. Sawai Madhopur is situated at the northeast side of the pink city, Jaipur.  it is also surrounded by the hills of the Aravali and Vindhya, which add to the picturesque beauty of the city. Sawai Madhopur is the beautiful city which is deep in historic.

Sawai Madhopur is also known as the “Tiger city” since it houses the immensely famous Ranthambore National Park. This is the fact of this place that tigers can also be seen in the afternoon time. The other animals which add cheerfulness of wildlife include leopards, Asian elephants, Nilgai and many beautiful birds over there. There is also a historically rich and prominent Ranthambore Fort in the city. It possesses of the rich cultural heritage which this beautiful city carries. In the Sawai Madhopur, there are majestic forts, beautiful ponds, museums, and very wide variety flora and fauna, which attracts the tourist to visit over there.

Historical Places

The Ranthambore Fort is the personification of rich historical significance. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. it homesteads Mahadev Chattri, Toran dwar, 32 pillared chattri, Ganesha temple, and mosque. The holy place of Lord Ganpati is of immense significance, and it is gathered with the devotees around the year. Another holy place of the city is chamatkar temple, Rameshwaram Dham, amareshwar Mahadev temple etc.

These all the holy places add the religious beauty to the place. As a result, Sawai Madhopur is the part of the state Rajasthan. Even more, it defines the beautiful and colorful culture and rituals. And these cultures can be experienced by the living locals of the place. The festivals of Ganesha Chaturthi, Dusshera and Chouth Mata Mela, are celebrated with zeal and dedication.

The Ganesh Chaturthi fair was attended by the three to four lakhs of a devotee. It has been seen over there that some dancers are performing Ghoomer, Kalbeliya and the local dance of Sawai Madhopur add the joy in the festivals. They have a magic about their moves and their colorful outfits leave your foot tapping and mesmerized. Dusshera festival lasts for about ten days in the month of October. This city is the perfect tourist spot for family, couples, and for the friends’ vacation. This is a historical place where you can experience the rich heritage and charm of the wildlife.